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Redoubt Mountain Lodge Alaska Heli Program

on Tuesday, 21 November 2017. Posted in Video

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For a limited time, a helicopter will be at Redoubt Mountain Lodge to take guests on a variety of "Only in Alaska" adventures. These helicopter tours & adventures will be available to guests visiting for multi-night stays between June 10 - July 2, 2018. A myriad of fly out heli activities are being offered including an exclusive bear viewing experience, flight seeing Lake Clark National Park, rafting/kayaking, fishing, and more. See package offerings below:

* 2-Day/2-Night Stay (Includes 1 Heli Fly Out) | $2,680 Per Person
* 3-Day/3-Night Stay (Includes 2 Heli Fly Out) | $3,595 Per Person
* 4-Day/4-Night Stay (Includes 2 Heli Fly Out) | $4,550 Per Person
* 5-Day/5-Night Stay (Includes 3 Heli Fly Out) | $5,445 Per Person

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Angler's Alibi - Alaska Drone Reel

on Wednesday, 08 November 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Alaska Fishing Highlights 2017

This is a short compilation of amazing scenery, wildlife, and of course fishing scenes filmed by Angler's Alibi's Logan Fox. 

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Alaska Coastal Adventures

on Sunday, 09 July 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From Elizabeth Brentano

From the filmmaker: 

From glaciers to wildlife to enchanted forests, the Pacific Northwest is a truly amazing part of our planet. These are some of my favorite moments from my recent trip along the Alaskan coast with UnCruise in May 2017. Music: "Conrad" by Ben Howard, used with the permission of the artist.

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Denali's Raven | The Story of an Alaska Ski Guide, Climber and Pilot

on Tuesday, 09 May 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From Yeti and Camp 5 Collective

From the Filmmaker:

For Leighan Falley, Alaska is more than home — it’s a calling. Leighan spent years as a ski guide and climber on the Alaskan range, focusing much of her energy on Denali. But after becoming a mother, she found herself unwilling to pursue guiding (and the dangers that come with it), instead taking to the skies as mountain pilot. Follow Leighan on the Alaskan adventures that enrich her life and legacy in Denali’s Raven.

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Once You Pop | Alaska Top Water Fishing

on Friday, 07 April 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Fly Out TV

We had the opportunity to spend a week with Talaheim Lodge in the summer of 2016. Everyday offered incredible sight fishing for trout, char, and silver salmon. Our last day we had the opportunity to throw poppers to voracious Dolly Varden Char and Rainbow Trout. As the saying goes, "Once You Pop, You Can't Stop"!

Learn more about Talaheim Lodge

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Arctic Summer | Short Film

on Wednesday, 05 April 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

See what it's like to adventure in one of our planet's last great wildernesses - the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. A visit to the Alaskan Arctic is unlike any other - abundant wildlife, twenty-four hour sun, towering mountains, and a 14 million acre playground of solitude. Matt and Emily Thoft are Alaska bush pilots that spend every summer showing people this magnificent region of the world. Their lodge base and plane-access gives them ultimate freedom in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But, it's their passion and sense of wonder in this place that is so inspiring.

Learn more at

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Yukon - Land of the Midnight Sun

on Tuesday, 04 April 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

from Mitchell Heynen

A display of Yukon's best landscapes from an aerial perspective.

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Miles of Salmon | Alaska's Bristol Bay

on Monday, 03 April 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

from Jason Ching

From the filmmaker:

Iliamna Lake in Southwest Alaska is the beginning and end for millions of sockeye salmon each year, providing resources for developing juvenile salmon and miles of suitable spawning habitat for returning adults. This video highlights the end of the sockeye salmon migration in the streams of Iliamna Lake, and celebrates the amazing life cycle of sockeye salmon that is critical to this pristine wilderness and the many people who depend on this great resource.

Each year as I assist with field research for the Alaska Salmon Program in Bristol Bay's watersheds, I carry around video equipment to capture footage that I hope will inspire people to appreciate wild landscapes like Iliamna Lake and our sustainable natural resources like it's native sockeye salmon.

As always, many thanks to my coworkers and friends who help make these videos possible.

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No See Um Lodge | Drone Reel

on Tuesday, 28 March 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From No See Um Lodge

Some great drone footage from No See Um Lodge, located in Bristol Bay.

Learn more about No See Um Lodge. 

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Wild Alaska | Video

on Saturday, 04 March 2017. Posted in Alaska Fly Fishing & Adventure Films, Video

From Galaxiid

From the filmmaker: 

'The power of imagination makes us infinite' - John Muir.
A visual nature essay from the costal wilderness of Southern Alaska; water, mist, mountains, glaciers, icebergs, whales, fjords, forests and bears. Wild Alaska was filmed during an expedition in July 2015.

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